We think marketing should solve real problems you face in your practice.

Need a higher net and better cash flow?

Like many veterinary practice owners, your goal may be to increase net profits and improve cash flow. Yet, you may be struggling with these common profit-killers:

  • Too many clients who don’t comply with routine care or follow-up.
  • “Low-cost” clinics opening in your area that are seizing potential revenue from your current or prospective clients.
  • Clients who don’t understand that consistent routine care will not only improve their pets’ quality of life, it will reduce their healthcare costs in the long run.
  • Pet owners in your community who don’t know about your practice—or why your hospital is the best choice for them and their pets.     

We can help!

Good marketing can combat these profit-killers! Our custom newsletters feature content that is designed to bring current and past clients back through your door, and entice new clients to visit your practice. The result? Increased per-visit spending, better compliance with routine care, and new clients—all delivering the higher net you need. 

Our beautiful, professional newsletters  will delight your clients, build loyalty, and motivate them to visit through savings offers. They also provide a place to promote new services and share practice news. 

Direct mail newsletters offer a much higher return on investment than digital marketing channels such as websites, emails or social media. And they are many times more effective than "coupon pack" mailings.


“I enjoy working with Bright Path. You make it easy! Our clients love getting our newsletter and love, love, love our savings offers. It really brings them through the doors!” Cindy M., Practice Manager, Hidalgo County

Our large format newsletters, delivered to your clients' mailboxes, are impossible to "delete" or ignore. Your clients will appreciate the valuable information you share about their pet's health. They will look forward to receiving  your newsletter, and will see it as a value-add to your practice rather than an intrusion. The rate of clients who "opt out" of receiving newsletters from the practices we serve is 0%! 

“With my clients, Bright Path’s newsletter is one of my top producing marketing tools with a minimum of 10:1 return on investment. The best money I have spent in a long time.” Dr. P.L. Farber (DVM and Practice Consultant)

Don’t miss this opportunity! Bright Path Publications creates and delivers engaging, professionally designed print newsletters that are customized to express your hospital’s unique offerings. 

We do the writing, designing and mailing for you, so you and your staff can spend your time doing what you do best. Our turnkey service allows you to take advantage of today’s most effective marketing medium at a price that fits your budget.  

We look forward to creating a personalized marketing strategy for your practice. Be sure to see newsletter samples below!


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